61 houses destroyed as fire hits slum in Oro

By GERRY LEE GORIT,Correspondent
November 4, 2020


CAGAYAN de Oro City--Dozens of families and 165 individuals were homeless in a fire that struck Barangay 36 at dawn Wednesday, a report reaching the Mindanao Daily News said.

City Fire Marshall Allan Gabot of the Bureau of fire Protection (BFP) said the incident was reported around 2:31 dawn.

Gabot said the fire was even declared to third alarm six minutes after it was reported to the BFP as the fire eats other houses nearby made up of light materials.

He said that fire that struck Barangay 36 was the 260th fire incident reported this year. Gabot said there were 437 fire incidents reported from January-Deccember last year.

On one hand, Barangay 36 Councilor Ester Maagad said the fire initilly destroyed 61 houses, three were partially damaged.

Maagad said 167 persons were affected of whom 37 are children.

She said two residents were biten by dogs and are now being treated at the health enters.

Maagad said the fire was caused by unattended candle.

She said the fire origonated from the house of a certain Teresita Ochigue.



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