How to benefit from the global recovery

September 21, 2021

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that things are not always going south, especially when you are in the middle of a pandemic.   The reality is, there’s reason to hope that things are turning around for the better. We just need to focus our lens to the right direction.   Take for example the Standard & Poor’s 500 first half 2021 report where the index is showing a 14.4 percent year-to-date growth. This index is widely regarded as the benchmark to measure the health of large capitalization US equity companies.    What this means is that particularly in the United States, the health of the S&P 500 is a good gauge of its stock market.   Well good for them, what’s that to do with us?   Let us just mention that we can use this reality to drive a simple point: it’s time to prepare for the future!   In this article, we will discuss some principles that we can learn now to benefit from the impending global economic recovery.   Prepare mentally – Most, if not all, post-pandemic strategies for recovery anchor on the belief that things will eventually turn out fine. It is very important to put our hopes up because the reality is that humanity has experienced this before. Our hope, of course, is that recovery comes sooner.   Thus, a positive mental attitude is important for post-pandemic recovery. This is not discounting the fact that there are many stressors due to the closure of shops, schools, and many other gathering places. Some of us suffered more than others; some lost a job or a loved one or suffering from the isolation brought about by prolonged lockdowns. All these put pressure on our mental health but realizing too that we can do something even in a most depressing situation will help us survive and thrive in the pandemic. To be mentally alert, enthusiastic, and positive about the future is key!   Identify growth trends – How often do we hear that education is the great equalizer? This is true in all aspects of life. Sometimes we become paralyzed in the corner of inactivity because we lack the necessary information to make a good and sound decision. When we identify growth trends, it means going out of one’s way to actively seek the action on the ground.   The reality is that while some doors were closed during the global pandemic, some were also opened, and some were created by alert and enterprising individuals. And most of these happened online! Because of this, ordinary Pinoys who only hoped of owning a business are now realizing their dreams. One reason for this is that in the digital space, everyone has a chance. Now, we can build our markets around communities and our network of friends just by sharing a post.   Because of this, you will notice that many of our kababayans are selling goodies, and even self-branded items online and they are thriving. Now more than ever must we take our imagination to the cloud, no pun intended.    Be protected and invested – without trivializing the seriousness of the pandemic, we must use this experience to prepare ourselves and our family in case something unfortunate happens. One way to do this is by getting a life insurance. It is a good idea to get a life policy with investment features that specifically looks at the recovering global equity market.   As the world prepares for recovery, some industries will lead others. For instance, information tech, communications, and other consumer discretionary companies are seen to lead this group. By leveraging on the growth of these companies, we can build a sizable nest egg in the future, all while being protected right now!   Take for example Insular Life’s Solid Future Global. This brand-new product aims to help policy owners take advantage of growth in the global market even during the pandemic. This product will help you invest your monthly premiums on these high-potential companies which are normally out of reach to the ordinary Filipinos if investing by themselves, due to high cost.   “We are consciously looking for ways to open the global market to Filipinos so that they too can benefit from the global recovery,” said InLife Chief Marketing Officer Gae Martinez. “We believe in providing a lifetime for good to the Filipinos and this pandemic only challenged us to bring this about to every Filipino. Through Solid Future Global we are confident that we can achieve our goals for our members.”    Indeed, there are opportunities for growth even as we face a health crisis as we are now. With the help of a positive outlook, and acting on opportunities that present themselves, we can all prepare for a better future.   And don’t forget, with Solid Future Global, global investment is now reachable to the regular Pinoy. To know more about Solid Future Global visit www.insularlife.com.ph/solid-future-global or talk to our financial advisors.

5 Reasons to Build Your Career in Davao City

September 8, 2021

With a land area of close to 2,500 km 2 , Davao City is considered the Philippines’ largest city in terms of physical size. It’s also home to the majestic Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the country, and the endangered Philippine eagle, the world’s largest eagle in terms of length and wing surface. Because of its magnificent natural attractions, festivals, and sumptuous food, Davao City is a popular destination for millions of local and international tourists. It also serves as the province of Davao’s center of commerce, tourism, trade, and finance, attracting both business people wanting to expand their ventures and job seekers looking for lucrative employment opportunities. Perhaps you’re planning to leave your current job to find a better one that will help you achieve your professional goals. If so, you may want to find Davao jobs that fit the bill instead of looking for work in the already congested city of Metro Manila. You may not realize it yet, but there are many reasons why building a career in the Crown Jewel of Mindanao makes a lot of sense. Here are five of them. A Strong Economy Davao City boasts strong cooperation between business players and local leaders, spurring the city’s economic growth and overall development. It’s also Mindanao’s leading exporter of tropical fruits and coconut products and home to the internationally acclaimed artisan chocolate Malagos Chocolate. Additionally, many Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms, as well as the regional headquarters of several multinational companies like Dole and Del Monte, are based here. This thriving city also houses over ten economic zones for agro-industrial, manufacturing, and information technology sectors, all of which fuel economic activity, wealth generation, and job creation in the area. Jobseekers can find opportunities in a variety of industries, including wholesale and retail trade, transportation, storage, and construction. Because of Davao City’s strong economy, employees can expect stable jobs, competitive salaries, and better opportunities. A Combination of Urban and Rural Pleasures If you want to build a lasting career, preventing job burnout should be your top priority. Contrary to common misconceptions, burnout is defined not only by physical fatigue, but also by emotional fatigue. The latter can also be exacerbated by a feeling of reduced accomplishment and a loss of personal identity. Unfortunately, many employees who work in Manila are at high risk of burnout. According to the results of a study conducted by a think tank operated by writers and sleep experts, Manila is one of the top 10 cities in the world with the highest risk of employee burnout. Specifically, it was ranked 5 th in a list of 69 cities across 53 countries in terms of burnout rate. To avoid job burnout, it would help to work in a location that offers the opportunities, amenities, and comforts of city life as well as the relaxing and stress-free atmosphere of rural life. Fortunately, you can find all of these in Davao City. If you choose to work here, you can easily relieve any workday stress by communing with nature and enjoying the unique attractions in the area. For example, you can hike, skydive, go fishing, or try other outdoor adventures at Eden Nature Park. On the weekends, you can visit the many different white-sand beaches of Samal Island or take day trips to various areas of the region to unwind and recharge. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try the city’s sumptuous local dishes and fresh tropical fruits to complete your Davao experience. Safety and Security Moving to another city for work can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. However, there won’t be much to worry about if you choose to live and work in Davao. After all, Davao is one of the safest cities in Southeast Asia, according to a report released by collaborative online database Numbeo. You can walk safely at night without fear of encountering thieves or other crooks since police officers are constantly roaming around the city. The liquor ban and curfew imposed by the city government also prevents drunken people from wandering around and causing trouble. By moving to a city where you feel safe and secure, you can focus your energies on the things that matter, such as reaching your professional goals. A Diverse Community Whether in the working world or your personal life, you need exposure to diverse ideas and experiences to become the best person you can be. More importantly, you must learn how to respect different viewpoints, opinions, and experiences for the greater good. That said, Davao City is arguably the best training ground for learning the immense value of diversity and inclusion. Think about it. Davao City is home to Visayans, Mindanaoans, migrants, and indigenous people belonging to various ethnic tribes. They have different religions, beliefs, cultures, and ways of life, yet they all live together harmoniously. Wouldn’t you want to learn how Davaoeños make it all work? A State-of-the-Art Emergency Response System Another benefit of building your career in the Durian Capital of the Philippines is that you have easy access to Davao Central 911, a centralized and integrated emergency response system. As you may have guessed, this system works similarly to the 911 emergency telephone number in the United States and Canada. If you encounter any emergencies during your stay in Davao, simply call 911, and help will quickly arrive. Another great thing about this emergency response service is that it’s free! These are just a few of the reasons why Davao City is an ideal place to put down roots and build your career. Where else can you find a city full of professional opportunities, magnificent natural wonders, and a green and secure environment? By working in Davao, you can experience the benefits of working in a thriving urban area with significantly less stress and worries.     

Be a hero like Carlo Paalam

September 7, 2021

THE story of Olympic medalist Carlo Paalam serves as an inspiration to millions of young Filipino dreamers who also aspire to become a HERO.     Paralleled to Paalam’s success story is Samsung’s breakthrough in modern technology as they launch the all-new Samsung Galaxy A03s. Just like Carlo’s endurance in boxing, the Galaxy A03s is a revolutionary phone with its 5,000mAh monster battery. Also, the excitement never ends with its triple rear camera that captures photos comparable to the clarity of our hero’s vision in achieving his goals. All these great features come at an affordable price to let the Filipinos experience what a hero, like Carlo, feels like with just a few clicks on their new Samsung Galaxy A03s. Say ‘Paalam’ to your old phones and embrace the HERO within you thru the Samsung Galaxy A03s! Available in all Samsung Experience Stores and Graphic Gadget Stores.  

Rhen Escaño stars in Paraluman

September 1, 2021

AWARD-winning thriller and horror film director Yam Laranas is back, this time for a new romance movie, PARALUMAN. Starring one of the most promising stars of VIVA, Rhen Escaño, and 90s heartthrob Jao Mapa. Peter (Jao Mapa) lives in with his partner Giselle (Gwen Garci), who’s a barangay worker. They will meet Mia (Rhen Escaño), the minor, younger sister of one of their friends. Not long after, Mia falls in love with Peter who is almost twice her age and is soon to be wed with Giselle. Before everything goes wrong, Peter must choose between Mia, who’s very much younger than him and who just came into his life very recently, or Giselle who has been with him for the longest time and wants nothing but to be with him for the rest of her life. Direk Yam Laranas is more known for his award-winning thriller and horror films such as “Sigaw”, “Aurora”, and “Death of a Girlfriend”. This time with PARALUMAN, he’ll go for the romance genre, which he hasn’t done for a long time. The last Romance movie Direk Yam Laranas did was the 2002 blokcbuster hit “Ikaw Lamang Hanggang Ngayon” starring Regine Velasquez and Richard Gomez. For PARALUMAN, Direk Yam chose to work with Rhen Escaño who made a mark with her performances in the movies “Adan” and “Untrue”, and 90s heartthrob and notable actor Jao Mapa for the roles of Mia and Peter respectively. This is the first on screen team-up of Rhen Escaño and Jao Mapa, that’s why their on-screen chemistry is something to look forward to. The movie’s theme song entitled “Paraluman” is by Adie, a young music artist who also sang the heartfelt song, “Luha”. Aside from Rhen and Jao’s on-screen chemistry, there are still more to look forward to in PARALUMAN. So catch it on September 24, streaming on VIVAMAX. Vivamax is available at web.vivamax.net. You can also download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, App Store, and Huawei AppGallery. For only P29, you can unli-watch all Vivamax titles for three days. You can also subscribe for P149/month and P399 for 3 months for bigger savings. You can also cast your screen from your device to Smart TV with Google Chromecast or Apple TV. You can pay through GCash, Globe, Smart, Visa/Mastercard, PayMaya or PayPal account that’s linked on your Google or Apple account. You can also subscribe at web.vivamax.net, select a plan and you can pay through EC Pay outlets: 7 Eleven, and All Day, or through PayMongo, GrabPay, and GCash or through PayMaya. For payment thru E-commerce, you may choose from Lazada, Shopee, GCash, ComWorks Clickstore, PayMaya, or Globe One. For payment thru authorized outlets, you may choose from Load Manna, ComWorks, and Load Central partner outlets: Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Express. You can also call your local Cable Operators to subscribe to VIVAMAX: Sky Cable, Cable Link, KCAT Fiber, Air Cable, Aklan Cable Television Co., Inc. Cebu Cable HD, Cotabato Cable Television Network Corp., Concepcion Pay TV Network Inc., BCTVI, Paradise Cable Television Nework, Inc., Wesfardell Connect, Z-energy Cable TV Network Inc. These Korean movies are also streaming on Vivamax Middle East! To our dear fellow Pinoys in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, watch all you can for only AED35/month.  In Europe, Vivamax can be streamed for only 8 GBP/month.   Filipinos in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore can also access Vivamax.     Vivamax, atin ‘to! Vivamax web.vivamax.net

Tokyo Olympic medalist Paalam returns to CdeO, receives P2-M more

August 28, 2021

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - The City's boxing pride, Carlo Paalam, has finally returned home and received his P2-million as promised by the City Government and approved by the City Council. Paalam also received a merit of distinction from the City Council for his successful Olympic boxing that catapulted Cagayan de Oro into greater heights because of the boxer's winning of the silver medal. In a virtual press briefing, Paalam thanked all the supporters in Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental for their prayers that contributed a lot to the boxer's successful journey at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 held in Tokyo, Japan. "Daghang salamat sa inyong suporta sa akoa ilabina kang Mayor Moreno ug sa akong coach kay nagmalampuson ang akong pagkuha sa medalya ddito sa Tokyo, Japan," the boxer said. He said his life is ultimately changed now with the millions of pesos he received from both local and national government. "Karon makakaon na ug lami nga pagkaon ang akong pamilya ug makatulog nasab sa hotel." Mayor Oscar Moreno also thanked the boxing coaches in the grassroots level that contributed to the success of Carlo Paalam. "There will be more "Carlo Paalam" that we will create in the future," says Moreno, referring to the success of the Filipino boxer after he snatched a silver medal during the Tokyp olympics. EARLY BEGINNINGS The 23-year-old Paalam started his boxing career in Cagayan de Oro City when incumbent City Mayor Oscar Moreno opened the doors for budding athletes in boxing. After the young boxer was mentored by the best boxing legends as a Philippine athlete, there is much improvement in Paalam's style and strategy in boxing. Now, the young pug not only uses his agility, power, and body conditioning, but he also uses smartness in mind to read the movements and maneuvers of his opponent before he executes his punching powers.   Decades ago in Cagayan de Oro, a very poor scavenger tried to salvage scrap metals, bottles, and all other garbage from the city residents at the city's landfill in Upper Dagong, Carmen, just to make a living and feed the empty stomach. Now, that scavenger is about to change his entire life into something extraordinary AFTER he bagged the silver medal in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Carlo Paalam, has shown the whole world that he is a delta force to reckon with in boxing after he had successfully demolished boxing foes during the battle for supremacy in boxing, participated in by the 'best of the best' in flyweight division. The 23-year-old Paalam started his boxing career in Cagayan de Oro City, when incumbent City Mayor Oscar Moreno opened the doors for budding athletes in boxing.

These foodpanda riders are real superheroes on the road

August 27, 2021

REAL SUPERHEROES   In celebration of National Heroes Day, foodpanda recognizes its riders who are on the road and serving the public to the best of their abilities. It also gives special recognition to foodpanda riders who are performing at their peak with the super capabilities that they have developed because of their disabilities.   Arnel S. Yobido, Clark Nel Garol, Christopher G. De Asis, and Jayson M. Papa overcome their challenges as Persons With Disabilities and ride with pride as they deliver with foodpanda in order to earn a living for their families.   Christoper De Asis used to work with the DSWD and as a subcontractor of a construction company. Now he rides the streets of Negros and even with one eye visually impaired, he is able to navigate carefully and not only deliver his orders but also an inspiration to his customers. The Marketing graduate has experienced discrimination before, he says, when a security guard at an office told him outright that they don’t hire PWDs. “I’m happy that there are employers like foodpanda that offer equal opportunities. Because of my job, my partner Primalou and I are able to save for our future.”          Jayson Papa was a security guard before donning the pink uniform. ‘Masaya rin ako sa pagiging foodpanda rider dahil sa kabila ng aking kondisyon na pagiging physically disabled, nakakapagbigay ako ng inspirasyon sa ibang tao,” he says. He adds that foodpanda is a big help for his family’s support and it gives him the opportunity to live a normal and productive life.   Clark Nel Garol was a construction worker and ‘habal rider’ before becoming a foodpanda rider. “Na-appreciate ako nang ibang customer nakita nila ako dahil sa kabila ng aking sitwasyon ay nagsusumikap daw ako. Tuwing narinig ko po sila na ganyan ang feedback nila sa akin, sobrang saya ko po. Mas lalo ko pa pinagbuti ang aking trabaho.”   Arnel Yobido previously worked as a family driver and is now happily delivering good service in Davao City. Despite his challenges where he experiences pain in his leg while making deliveries, he is happy to be working as a foodpanda rider, especially as he and his wife are expecting a baby girl. “Kapag sumasakit ang binti ko, pinapahinga ko muna, patuloy akong lalaban para sa aking pamilya at sa mga pangarap namin.”      Superpowers activated The four foodpanda heroes are ready to face adversity in order to serve their communities.  Arnel says his superpower is prayer. “Ang pag-pray ko araw-araw para healthy ang pangagatawan ko ay nakakatulong na maging 100 percent sa paghatid ng pagkain sa mga customer sa maayos at mabilis na paraan.”   Clark shares that he wants to inspire those who are facing challenges in life with what he does. "Kahit na napansin ko na ang paglaki ko ay hindi katulad sa ibang mga bata, gustong kong patunayan sa lahat ng tao ang kaibahan ko na kahit ganito ako -- may mararating ako sa buhay. Sa pamilya ako humuhugot ng lakas ko na magpatuloy maging foodpanda rider -- lalong lalo na sa anak kong babae.”   Christopher notes that he can give inspiration to other PWDs. “Natutulungan ko ang aking kapwa sa pamamagitan ng paghatid ng wastong serbisyo para mapadali ang pangangailangan ng [mga] customers. Bilang isang PWD foodpanda rider, nakakapagbigay inspirasyon ako sa iba -- hindi hadlang ang kapansanan para ipagpatuloy ang buhay, tumulong sa iba, umasenso at makamit ang mga pangarap.”   For his part, Jayson says that giving money is not the only way that one can help others. “Bilang isang food delivery rider, tumutulong ako sa pamamagitan ng paghahatid ng order sa mga customer sa kanilang bahay. Lalong-lalo na sa mga taong ayaw lumabas at sa mga taong takot mahawaan sa sakit mula sa COVID-19. Para sa akin, ang ibig sabihin ng pagiging bayani ay pagbibigay tulong sa kapwa ng walang anumang kapalit.”      


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