Emperador sees expanded growth of brandy business across the Americas next year

December 3, 2020

MANILA, Philippines – The world’s largest brandy company Emperador, Inc. is further expanding its brandy business across North and South America next year as its brandy portfolio continues to dominate market shares in several countries in this part of the world.      In the United States, volume of Don Pedro and Presidente have been growing in the last five months even as the country faces the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Both brandy products are part of the Casa Pedro Domecq portfolio in Mexico, which is now under Grupo Emperador Spain and currently controls 57% of the Mexican brandy market.      Don Pedro recorded ‘double digit’ volume growth particularly in Nevada, New Jersey, and Illinois while Presidente also enjoys rapid growth in Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.      “We see brighter prospects in further growing our brandy business across the United States in 2021. Our products are now readily available in several states. Aside from Don Pedro and Presidente, we are also selling our imported brandies – Spanish-made Fundador and Philippine-made Emperador – across the US. From January to September this year, we have already increased our Fundador sales in the US by around 23% and this is a very positive signal for us,” says Juan Cortès Vilardell, chief executive officer, Grupo Emperador Spain.      In Latin America, another brandy product under Grupo Emperador Spain, Brandy Domecq, is already dominating the brandy market in Colombia with a 91% market share.      Brandy Domecq also has a strong presence across other Latin American countries, particularly in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Aruba, and Brazil.      “Just like in Mexico where we have dominated the market share for brandy, we have also seen a steady growth in Colombia’s brandy market in the last five years. As their economy improves, more and more people are upgrading to brandy from their local white drink called Aquardiente. We remain focused on further expanding our presence across Latin America by also introducing our imported brandy products, particularly the Philippine-made Emperador Brandy, because the taste preference for brandy in this region has been remarkably growing,” Vilardell further explains.        During the first nine months of the year, Emperador’s international business boosted its net income by 11% to P5.9-billion. In the third quarter alone, the company achieved a record growth of 26% in its earnings due to the surge in the demand for its products in various overseas markets even in the middle of the pandemic.        Emperador Inc., whose brandy and whisky brands are available in more than 100 countries, is a publicly listed company at the Philippine Stock Exchange that owns Emperador Distillers, Inc., Scotch whisky maker Whyte and Mackay Group, and Bodegas Fundador in Spain.


December 2, 2020

Move to the rhythm of the latest online dance craze that gets your heart pumping and fuller in goodwill while keeping your blood sugar at a healthy level.  Nattural Quality Corporation (NQC), the makers of Filipino herbal dietary supplement Ampalaya Plus, invites students and social media influencers to dance on TikTok for a chance to donate educational tablets to students in need through the “AMP UP Dance Challenge” (  In partnership with Christian radio station Radio Veritas, the campaign promotes holistic well-being while providing students with educational tools during this challenging time of alternative learning. Ampalaya Plus will be giving away learning tablets to ten entries with top social media engagement, while schools that encourage their students to take on the challenge will also be rewarded with gadgets for online teaching. To make it even more exciting, social media influencers with more than 1,000 followers are welcome to join on behalf of their chosen beneficiaries. How to join? A participant must upload a dance video of themselves together with family members on Tiktok, performing the official AMP UP dance steps. Complete the entry with the caption and hashtag #AmpalayaPlusDanceUp and the name of their school. The group representative must also send a copy of the entry via direct message to the Ampalaya Plus Facebook page to qualify. The campaign is championed by celebrities RJ Agustin, Kristoff Garcia, and Sisi Rondina, three young people who aim to highlight the importance of  a healthy diet and regular exercise among young adults, especially against diabetes. “The AMP UP Dance Challenge hopes to raise awareness among the youth about their vulnerability to diseases, particularly diabetes, through an engaging and collaborative activity for them and the older members of the household,” said Benson Sian, founder, and CEO of Nattural Quality Corporation. “Their video entries to this online challenge will also serve as a lasting record of their bonding moments during this time of the pandemic.” According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas, diabetes accounted for 4.2 million deaths last year and was responsible for 10% of the global total health expenditure on healthcare at $760 billion. Despite the staggering figures, 1 in 11 adults aged 20-79 have diabetes, while 1 in 2 adults who have it remain undiagnosed. Tagged as “Nature’s Wonder Superfood for Diabetes,” Ampalaya Plus can help manage high blood sugar levels naturally. The natural dietary food supplement contains three of nature’s most potent wonder herbs, namely, bitter gourd (ampalaya), lagerstroemia speciosa (banaba), and turmeric (luyang dilaw).  Ampalaya is among the 10 medicinal plants promoted by the Philippine Department of Health that help maintain blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, studies show that banaba contains corosolic acid, which has numerous anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, turmeric, or the “Golden Spice,” has been traditionally used in ancient medicine for its numerous health benefits.  For more details on Ampalaya Plus and NQC, visit To know more about the AMP UP Dance Challenge, from the video tutorial of the dance moves and official jingle to the full mechanics of the contest, go to  


December 1, 2020

CitiHardware has established its first store in the year 1998 and has expanded to more than 73 branches nationwide. The paramount reason is to help the Filipinos build their homes wisely and easily.   Known for offering great value everyday products that you would need for your home-building, do-it-yourself (DIY) improvement projects and construction needs, CitiHardware has more than 70,000 state-of-the-art quality merchandises sourced locally and abroad. The procurement team of CitiHardware is constantly bringing and is always in search for quality products from all over the world. Loyal customers of CitiHardware has recognized that the organization has been true to its mission of providing innovative, cost-effective and high-quality home improvement products to significantly enhance the living standard of the Filipinos.   Despite the pandemic that the entire nation has been experiencing, CitiHardware continued to expand its branches nationwide and has opened 6 new stores to date as of November 2020. This allows not only for more customers in various localities to access high-quality and affordable home improvement products but will also help the local economy by providing more job opportunities to Filipinos.  CitiHardware has also implemented standard health protocol guidelines to ensure the protection and safety of its customers and employees. Upon entering all CitiHardware stores, proper sanitation and safety measures are being observed. Wearing of face shield and face masks inside the store is strictly encouraged while maintaining physical distancing.  CitiHardware has also foreseen the need to expand its product offerings to help Filipinos keep their homes clean and safe. New items such as air purifiers, sterilizing lights and various cleaning, hygiene and sanitation materials have recently been highlighted and introduced in the stores to help customers protect their families at home. Recognizing the trend on online shopping, CitiHardware has recently improved its product offering in Lazada and has also launched its own online shop to serve Davao, Iloilo and Cavite customers. The CitiHardware team has also been in action for new ways to engage and serve their customers better. This allows customers to have more options on how to shop and what to shop in CitiHardware at the comfort of their homes.

CitiHardware Shop & Go

December 1, 2020

Work, home, and daily activities have been all altered, and it’s something most people are adapting to this new normal. Buying essentials and running errands are necessary; yet, health and safety should be our utmost priority. Consumers are seen to be more inclined to shop conveniently without leaving the comfort of their homes. Recognizing the trend on easy, safe, and contactless shopping, CitiHardware launched Shop & Go last 16th day of November 2020 to serve Davao, Iloilo, Cavite, and Cagayan customers. Shop & Go provide customers a wide array of hardware and home building needs in an easy and convenient way. How to order? Follow these few steps. 1 –Check out the CitiHardware branch nearest you. 2 –Call, email or message to your preferred branch from 10AM -5PM.      Cagayan -Tablon:      0919 -071 -2647                                   3 –Confirm your order and payment      CitiHardware Shop & Go provides variety of payment methods, such as online payments via credit card, selected      bank transfers, Gcash, GrabPay, Cliqq,  Cebuanna Lhuillier and among others via Paynamics. 4 –Choose your preferred option for Pick –Up/Delivery Aligning CitiHardware’s vision to enhance the living standards of the Filipinos by providing innovative, cost-effective, and high quality home improvement products into this new normal situation, CitiHardware is improving and striving  to reach and serve customer needs by introducing more online platforms where customers can shop their hardware and home building needs.  CitiHardware is extending its product offering at Lazada thru Customers may also shop online at  For more information, they may check the CitiHardware website thru For your hardware and home improvement needs, shop safely and conveniently at CitiHardware and enjoy great value everyday!

Out with the Old, In with the New: Doña Elena Olive Oil Introduces its Latest Look

November 30, 2020

The nourishment that we’re craving right now is all about healthy, affordable, and easy to create home-cooked meals. And why not? In this period of the new normal, most people will agree that cooking is a way we can bring some order and a sense of pleasure in our lives right now.  Whether you’ve been looking for ways on how to cook deliciously affordable meals or wanting to feel empowered in the kitchen, Doña Elena, the country’s no. 1 olive oil inspires you with some thoughtful ideas that won’t only sustain, but will also bring comfort during this time of corona.    A new look that you’ll love: Introducing the new Doña Elena Olive Oil bottle that’s recognizable for patrons and accommodating for first-time users  Celebrated for its perfected combination of premium-quality olives directly sourced and harvested from the farms of Andalucia in Spain, Doña Elena Olive Oil has been dominating the market for a full decade now. We break down what makes Doña Elena Olive Oil the ideal choice in preparing home-cooked, restaurant-quality meals that will inspire you to cook healthily at home! Packed with the good stuff What separates Doña Elena Olive Oil from the rest of the field is its ability to take an already-healthy dietary staple up a notch and make it even fuller in flavor. Extracted from the fruit of olive trees, olive oil defines the Mediterranean diet. Countries like Spain and Greece that have it as part of their native cuisine touts some of the world’s healthiest populations, thanks in large part to the health benefits of olive oil.   Doña Elena Olive Oil is a blend of high-quality hojiblanca and picual olives Doña Elena’s offerings, in particular, are rich in good fats and oxidants through the combination of two types of olives, hojiblanca and picual. Each bottle contains 80% monounsaturated oleic acids, which is proven to regulate insulin and support weight management according to research. The heart-friendly fat is also known for supporting the health of the heart and enhancing brain function. These two organs could be hit by COVID-19, studies say.  Doña Elena Olive Oil comes loaded with high levels of antioxidants like polyphenols and is packed with vitamins E, K, and A that helps lower bad cholesterols. Everything for anything As diverse as the health advantages of olive oils are in its applications, Doña Elena Olive Oil comes in three variants to make any type of dish shine with flavorful and aromatic taste. There’s Extra Virgin for dips and salad dressing; Pure Olive Oil for pasta and everyday cooking; and Pomace for roasting and frying. What’s more, Doña Elena Olive Oil is the only brand that offers the most comprehensive sizes. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen rookie, Doña Elena’s Pure, Extra Virgin, and Pomace are conveniently available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Liter, and 5 Liter PET bottle sizes so you have all the options for every purpose and need. As tasty as it looks To make sure that the packaging of Doña Elena Olive Oil does justice to its quality, a renowned French designer was tasked in 2017 to create a new bottle befitting a well-loved premium quality product. The result is a strengthened brand identity that is at the same time recognizable to patrons and accommodating to first-time users.   Doña Elena Olive Oil’s carefully curated bottle design is a stand-out for its elegant and functional design The new packaging includes two significant, fine engravings on the bottle that are exclusively Doña Elena: the Doña Elena insignia near the top, and the olive fruit near the base. Another detail that customers enjoy is the usage recommendation per variant that is printed on the label, making it easier to choose the right olive oil for your cooking needs.  For whatever occasion, Doña Elena Olive Oil comes through as the perfect culinary companion in preparing delicious meals that are good for the health and light on the wallet. Doña Elena Olive Oil is available in all groceries and supermarkets nationwide. Buy online beginning November 20 at   --- Fly Ace Corporation is one of the leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today. Propelling limitless multiple-category growth by bringing the best of the world closer to Filipino consumers, Fly Ace Corporation’s portfolio of food and beverage products includes house brands and exclusively distributed brands. To learn more about Fly Ace, visit Doña Elena Olive Oil is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation in the Philippines. It is the consistent no. 1 Olive Oil brand according to A.C. Nielsen. Available in three (3) variants, Extra Virgin, Pure, and Pomace which comes in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Liter glass bottles, and 5 Liter PET bottle sizes. For more tips, recipes, and promos visit @donaelenacuisineraclub on Facebook and Instagram.          

AIA Philam Life continues Save Lives Mission, launches new funds

November 28, 2020

AIA Philam Life continues to fulfill its purpose-driven mission to race against risk and protect every Filipino family and empower them to live healthier, longer, and better lives.    The Philam Group (AIA Philam Life and BPI-Philam combined) rallies behind its Save Lives commitment achieving 67 per cent of its target of lives saved, and 61 per cent in terms of basic sum assured coverage. Despite challenges of the current pandemic, Philam Group was able to stay the course by quickly strengthening its digital capabilities, initially with the Facebook chatbot, the enhanced digital selling (EDS), and now Coffee Closing is fully operational, allowing digital selling to be completed within 20 minutes.    AIA Philam Life CEO Kelvin Ang said, “While it has been a challenging year, the pandemic has given us a stronger purpose to fulfill our mission. We remain committed to fulfilling our Save Lives targets and will work towards its completion by the end of the year. It helps immensely that we are well-positioned to fully embrace the shift to digital in response to the physical restrictions. With our digitally enabled agency force, we are ready to continue addressing the protection needs of Filipinos, now at a faster rate. As we continue to adapt to the situation, this also means technology, digital and analytics will be at the center, becoming our enablers in the fulfillment of our mission.”    AIA Philam Life remains financially strong and stable despite the local economic challenges. “Our financial strength, through our assets and net worth, remained robust throughout 2020 with no significant impact from the pandemic. Our new business results (measured as annualized new premiums) continue to improve in the third quarter, reflected in the strong double-digit growth vs the previous one,” said Gary Ogilvie, AIA Philam Life Chief Financial Officer (CFO). “Furthermore, we are pleased with our product mix and shift to protection and related improvement in our new business margins. We remain confident of the opportunities ahead, with the low insurance penetration rate, and our strategy coupled with an increased awareness of health risks and the value of protection following the pandemic.”   The year showed continued customer patronage for AIA Philam Life’s protection products, with its protection trinity offering making it to the top four bestsellers of the company: AIA Critical Protect 100, AIA All-in-One, and AIA Med-Assist. “Our focus on protection products has allowed AIA Philam Life to achieve a more balanced portfolio, with high protection products accounting for almost half of the mix,” said Leonardo Tan Jr, AIA Philam Life Chief Marketing Officer. “Customers who now have ample coverage for medical emergencies, critical illness and untimely passing, would want to look for solutions for their long-term savings needs, which is why we are now launching new funds that will address this new demand.”   Taking Your Investment Global    With an already strong protection portfolio, AIA Philam Life introduces the global fund range that will be made available through its suite of variable insurance products aimed at addressing the long-term savings needs of customers, with support from AIA Investment Management Pte. Ltd. (AIA IM).    AIA IM is an AIA-affiliated company that was incorporated in 2016 as the hub for regional investment management, solely managing the assets of the AIA entities within the AIA Group and providing investment solutions for customers.    “A first to market approach in the Philippines, the Elite Fund Portfolios Range provide unit linked customers access to global investment strategies managed by best in class fund managers. The Elite Funds combine the different strategies to match client risk profiles and focus on delivering long term investment returns. AIA’s experienced team of investment professionals monitor the funds and strategies in the same way we manage our own money. We invest alongside our customers using the same best in class fund managers and apply consistent standards of professional oversight, providing our customers with the reassurance and consistency they expect from AIA.” said Mark Konyn, AIA Group Chief Investment Officer.   With the support from AIA IM, AIA Philam Life launches the Elite Funds, offering options to customers depending on their risk appetite: Adventurous Fund, Balanced Fund, and Conservative Fund. These funds are sub-managed by leading global investment managers Baillie Gifford, Wellington Management, and Blackrock.     “Through our partnership with AIA IM, we are able to give our clients access to a global portfolio of professionally managed funds that can help them grow their money in the long run,” said Arleen Guevara, AIA Philam Life Chief Investment Officer. “By giving them more investment options, we are empowering them to achieve their long-term savings objective, thus bringing to life our brand purpose of helping Filipinos live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives.”   Find out how you can invest in these funds by visiting the AIA Philam Life website at, Facebook page at, emailing or calling (02)8528-2000.


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