Yamaha Sight Saferun South Luzon Edition Concludes with a Record-breaking 147 Kilometers Per Liter

June 3, 2019


Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. concluded the South Luzon edition of the Yamaha Sight Saferun Challenge. The Grand Finals was held in Naga, Camarines Sur with the Top 10 finishers of each leg. The best record was achieved in Legaspi with 147 Km/L and the outstanding fuel efficiency of Yamaha Sight was a feat bound to repeat itself.
This challenge was a partnership among Yamaha Motor Philippines, Motortrade Nationwide Corporation, and Adventure Team Pilipinas, which facilitated the competition. All with the goal of providing the Filipino rider the best in fuel efficiency. The Yamaha Sight combines its practical design with specialized technology to save riders as much as possible in their trips without sacrificing performance. Its fuel-injected engine and powerful disc brake are precisely crafted for a highly efficient ride.
The finals presented a 189 KM route that stretched from RevZone Naga to Polangui, then looping back after reaching Legazpi. Miguel Ocinar, the youngest rider in the competition and broke the previous record, accomplished the feat again with 147 Km/L to set the bar of the South Luzon chapter. He was followed by Junmark Geronimo who bested his old record of 137 Km/L in the 3rd leg and upped it to 141 Km/L, Andrew Roman rounded out the top three with an impressive 140 Km/L.



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