Jack of all trades. – Suzuki Super Carry Utility Van

September 11, 2017


Built to endure the toughest of conditions, the alll-new Suzuki Super Carry is equipped with strength, high quality performance, superior loading capacity and a Euro-4 certified Diesel engine, Super Carry is really meant to serve as a perfect fit for any kind of business’ requirements in a manner that truly cares for the environment.

Super Carry is equipped with a light steering wheel and a low turning radius of 4.3M which allows effortless driving no matter how heavy the cargo is and ensures easy maneuverability even in tight areas.

It features latest automotive technologies – the 793cc, 2-cylinder and DDis Euro-4 diesel engine with 5 speed manual transmission, and a peak power of 32 HP @ 3,500 RPM and torque of 75 NM @ 2,000 RPM – making the vehicle more cost efficient and eco-friendly than others of the same caliber. It consumes a mere liter of diesel for an average distance of 22.07 km which makes going around for errands less costly and more practical.

The new engine is also equipped with an Engine Control Module or ECM that monitors its condition during servicing and ensures continuous peak performance. It complies to the latest regulations on emissions standards and exhibits lower emissions than Euro-2 engines at 68 percent less particulate matter emissions, 57 percent less nitrogen oxides emissions, and 50 percent less carbon monoxide emissions, for a more environment-friendly driving.

The designers of the Super Carry gave careful thought to the comfort and convenience of the driver and passengers and enhanced both via the vehicle’s spacious interior and cabin features. With the driver seat adjustable up to 90mm coupled with the extended portion of the passenger seat, there is enough legroom and space for the driver to lie down and combat fatigue in between long drives.

The cabin also features numerous cubbyholes, trays, pockets and storage spaces for documents, food items and other necessities. Underneath the seats are thick glass fiber heat shields for better insulation. The bulb/balloon type weather strip in the Super Carry also lessens noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

To add to the driving comfort, its pedals, gear shift knob and instrument panels are all ergonomically positioned. The vehicle’s rear window is also bigger and can readily be opened with an ergonomically placed locking mechanism. This allows a large amount of air to flow inside the cabin when needed.

Fitted with theft prevention measures, Super Carry features a lock-on fuel tank cap, a secured spare tire mounting bracket, and battery with provision of lock. Inside the cabin, the seats are equipped with a 3-point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seatbelt.

The Super Carry ensures superior braking performance via a front ventilated disk brake for better heat dissipation, plus drum brakes on the rear featuring Load Sensing Proportioning Valves (LSPV) for stabilized braking in different load conditions.

Sealing the deal are the high tensile and galvanized chassis materials used in the Super Carry. The galvanized materials provide more resistance to rust while high tensile materials limit intrusion inside the cabin. Its integrated sheet metal body front panel enhances body quality and rigidity, as well as, ensures the driver’s safety. This is complemented up front with a bigger windscreen for better driver visibility.

The Super Carry has a 1 Din Audio Unit with Built-In speaker featuring AM/FM Tuning, USB/SD Interface, Auxiliary input and LCD display will make driving the Super Carry more enjoyable.



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