An Uplifting Driving Experience – Suzuki Swift GLX CVT

By Photos by Kit Pilla
May 18, 2019


Suzuki is known for their vehicle models that create a cult following. One model in particular is the Suzuki Swift. Now in 4th generation, it has undergone some changes in styling cues but has retained the endearing boxy silhouette that came to define its character. The result is an overall styling that appears muscular yet compact. The blacked-out pillars create the look of a floating roof and wrap-around windows. The eye-catching 16-inch polished alloy wheels completes the whole package.
The Swift is propelled by a 1,197 cc 4-cylinder DOHC gasoline engine which produces 82 HP @ 6,000 rpm and 113 nm @ 4,200 rpm. The engine was re-designed to reduce friction and improve combustion for better fuel economy. To further emphasize Suzuki’s commitment to efficiency, the Swift is now fitted with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). I have spent most of my time driving it in stop-and-go urban traffic and I was still able to achieve around 12 kilometers per liter. This car, however, is not only about saving fuel but about having a fun driving experience as well. Engaging the Sport Mode on twisty mountain roads beyond city limits, I managed 10 kilometers per liter. As with its predecessors, this Swift’s handling is spot on and it inspires confidence when taking corners at higher speeds. The trade-off is a firm ride, though the set up on this one felt better at smoothing out the bumps compared to those in the previous generations. 
Since most of us spend a lot of time sitting in traffic, Suzuki equipped the Swift with amenities to help keep each trip a pleasurable experience. Some of which are only available in vehicles at higher price points. An automatic air-conditioning system maintains a consistent cabin temperature regardless of outside temperature. In fact, it kept the interior surprisingly cool amidst the summer heat we are having now. Keep your passengers entertained with the 8-inch Infotainment System Display. The screen is strategically placed to minimize glare and the sound quality is excellent. You will be able to hear every line in your favorite movie clearly despite the traffic noise. One feature that is not usually available in cars in this category is the Cruise Control, which is a big plus when driving on tollways. You won’t have to keep looking at the speedometer to maintain the proper speed so you won’t take your eyes off the road. In my experience, it also helps in fuel economy. 
What I personally appreciated about the Swift is its D-shaped steering wheel. Not only does it add sporty appeal, it also leaves more vertical leg room for taller drivers like myself. It does partially block my view of the speedometer, though, even after adjusting the tilt of the steering wheel. The instrument panel consists of analog speedo and tachometer, and a trip computer display that reads out real time fuel mileage. As Suzuki generously endowed the Swift with creature comfort features, they also did not scrimp on safety features as well. All Swift variants are equipped with anti-lock brakes with EBD function. Dual front air bags come as standard too. The GLX variant I have tested also has parking sensors and reverse camera which helped me ease into those tight mall parking spaces. 
The all-new Swift has a 242-liter trunk space, quite generous for a car this size. The second row also has a 60/40 folding configuration for more versatility. With the second row completely folded, you get 556 liters of cargo space. Not bad, for a cute little hatch. The all-new Swift is available in three variants: GL MT, GL CVT and GLX CVT. Price starts at P 755, 000. If you are in the market for an economical daily ride that offers a driving experience befitting its marketing slogan, then the all-new Swift is worth looking into.



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