December 2, 2019

Strutting their 70’s-themed outfits, IDC’s valued clients, sales force, long time industry partners and valued guests gathered to celebrate Italpinas’ 10 years of success in the real estate industry held last November 25, 2019, at Mallberry Business Suites Cagayan de Oro. Italpinas Development Corporation’s (IDC) Chairman & CEO, Architect Romolo Nati, and President, Attorney Jose Leviste, graced the event to join in the celebration.  “First of all I just want to thank everyone for your time and presence here tonight. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: you are the company’s best partners. Attorney Leviste and I do our jobs out of passion and for the past 10 years it was successful and it is because of you (our partners) and we thanked you for sticking around and I may we all have a wonderful night to enjoy” says Architect Nati. With the event place nearly brimming with participating agents, brokers, client, and industry partners, the party would not be complete without games, prizes, and dancing.  Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 26, 2009 as Italpinas Euroasian Design and Development Corporation. The company’s mission is to provide unique, innovative, sustainable and safe real estate products that satisfy and exceed the expectations of its customers. IDC's debut project called Primavera Residences Tower A&B, which is located in Cagayan de Oro City, is a mixed use residential condominium.  “Maybe we can also take tonight as a chance to thank and acknowledge each other. So let’s celebrate our milestone together because we’re doing well and this is just the beginning,” encouraged Atty. Jose Leviste III, IDC’s President. IDC is a listed green design-driven company engaged in real estate, born in the city of Golden Friendship, a city they considered the city of “Golden Opportunities”. Ten years ago IDC was established with an aspiration of becoming the first mover of green developments for emerging cities.  A few years later, with its two globally recognized and in demand projects Primavera Residences and Primavera City invested in Cagayan de Oro, the company achieved a great feat at a tender age.  For the past ten years, IDC was able to establish itself as a prime first mover in the real estate industry, focusing on delivering green condominiums located in emerging cities. Since its inception in 2009, IDC was able to successfully garner the highly coveted International Property Awards for Asia and the Pacific for all its development projects, namely: Primavera Residence, Primavera City and Miramonti Green Residences.  This year, IDC was chosen to be part of the elite list of companies included in the Circle of Excellence as Executive Leadership Team of the Year award by the Asia CEO Awards. IDC CEO, Romolo Nati  among the esteemed entrepreneurs included in the Circle Of Excellence as Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Asia CEO Awards 2019.

Reigniting the country’s viability in rice production with Honda Power Products

November 28, 2019

Maintaining a steady supply of rice crops has become increasingly difficult for a country like the Philippines frequently hit by destructive storms, typhoons, and flooding. With natural disasters brought upon by the El Nino phenomenon continually slowing down the nation’s domestic production, a change in status quo is currently being felt by the country in its agricultural standing, a change that is slowly becoming more of a crisis.      As a matter of fact, the last two decades saw the Philippines slip from being an agricultural exporter to an agricultural importer, becoming the world’s biggest importer of rice this year following the country’s recent calamities. According to a report by the United States’ Department of Agriculture – Foreign Agricultural Services (USDA-FAS), the country is projected to reach three million metric tons (MT) of rice imports by the end of 2019, that would be the highest for both the country and for the rest of the world.       Naturally, pride for one’s nation should compel able hands to get the country back on track into being known once again as one of the world’s top producers of rice. And through the help of Honda Power Products and its line of power tools that all aim to increase one’s productivity, this notion is still very much possible.      Designed to withstand any weather condition to satisfy the needs of able hands who till the soil for the benefit of the country, Honda Power Products and its line of Honda Brush Cutters were all engineered to boost people’s productivity, with variants that hone in on specific job requirements that Filipinos deal with everyday.      A tool that people can depend on for their daily needs is exactly what the Honda Brush Cutter UMK425T series aspire to be. With its Tap & Go feature to make it easier for people to accomplish their agricultural tasks, the UMK425T can also be utilized for household chores, allowing families to keep their backyard well managed, and their garden well maintained.      Leading those who till the soil towards greener pastures, Honda Power Products aims to provide them with everything that they would ever need with its UMK 435T line. With its UEDT variant being armed with nylon cutters, and its U2ST cousin featuring 2-teeth blades, the UMK435T got all bases covered to enable people to create the greener pastures that they can thrive in.      Of course, there will be instances when greener pastures require just a little bit extra effort. Fortunately for Filipinos, Honda Power Products thought of that too with its latest line of Honda Brush Cutters, the UMK 450T series.      Recognizing the needs of those who require just a little bit more, the UMK 450T builds on the success of its predecessors to provide people with the same level of reliability and dependability that Honda Power Products is known for.       Imbued by the high standards of a Honda power tool, the UMK 450T has two variants; one of which is the U2ST that features a 2-teeth blade cutter, while its counterpart – the UEDT, utilizes 3-teeth blades. Both variants are powered by a GX50T, 50cc engine to guarantee that this Honda Brush Cutter can withstand anything, even through heavy usage.      As long as there is work to be done, people can be confident that Honda Power Products will always be there to help and guide them to accomplish the things that they need to do, with different variants and SKUs to empower able hands efficiently.      Now is the time for the country to take back its spot as a viable rice producer in the world, and through these Honda Brush Cutters, the future looks brighter.

Perkins Twins star in international movie, Kaibigan

November 27, 2019

Phenomenal, multi-awarded Filipino-American twins Jesse and Christian Perkins popularly known as the Perkins Twins are young Fil-Am recording and dance artists who are also staunch advocates against drugs, bullying, alcohol, smoking and promote purity.       Well accepted and sought after in the campus circle, the boyish duo has already made the rounds and performed in more than 1,000 school campuses and 90 malls nation-wide over the past three years. With strong and solid social media presence, their com-bined following to date is capped at 300,000 with more than 200,000 followers on Fa-cebook. The stats are steadily growing, signaling to an aggressive spread of their popu-larity.       There’s no stopping The Perkins Twins from reaching the stars and strongly connect-ing to the millennial generation as they take the lead in their first venture in the local film entitled ‘Kaibigan’.        Kaibigan (Friend) delves on the challenges, struggles, changes and the strong bonds of friendship among family and friends. It speaks of a beautiful journey towards per-sonal transformation and restoration of relationships, especially that of the family.       The family-oriented film stars Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin pitting talents with vet-eran thespians Tirso Cruz, Cesar Montano, Jean Garcia, Lani Mercado, Victor Basa, Emmanuelle Vera and Janina Vela.  Danica Sotto, Tim Cone and Vince Hizon also make guest appearances.        The Perkins Twins are excited to be on tour and set foot on school campuses again and in various malls to connect with their followers and promote their inspiring movie and the movie theme song also entitled ‘Kaibigan’.  The song is beautifully penned by well-respected composer Vehnee Saturno and will be released soon.        ‘Kaibigan’, the movie premieres in cinemas nationwide on Dec 4, 2019. BACKGROUND ON THE PERKINS TWINS      The Perkins Twins - JESSE PERKINS and CHRISTIAN PERKINS were born in the Philippines and spent most of their growing up years in California.  The Perkins family returned to the Philippines four years ago and established businesses in the country.   The family opened a tennis academy and a coffee shop.         With undeniable singing talent, the twins were signed up as recording artists under Universal Records and Star Records.  They have made countless appearances on ABS-CBN, GMA and CNN. Their first album, Para Lang Sa ‘Yo is comprised of original songs by Vehnee Saturno.  They appeared on ABS-CBN, GMA, and CNN.       The Perkins Twins are President Bush and President Obama awardees. The young performers received full scholarships for athletics and academics to the University of California at Berkeley.      They were recently featured as the youngest Fil-Am difference makers on ABS TFC Filipino Champions, and GMA Power Ng Pinoy.       To date, The Perkins Twins are ambassadors for DepEd, the Dangerous Drugs Board, CCF, the Philippine Bible Society and World Vision.      Kaibigan Links:, Official Kaibigan Movie Teaser, Official Kaibigan Movie      Kaibigan Lyrics Video Link:      FOR INQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT:  MISS TARNY PERKINS Phone: 0927-313-3545 / 0928-212-5229 Email: Perkins Twins: Kaibigan Movie:

“You’ve been using our products for years… You just didn’t know it … AISIN.”

November 19, 2019

MANILA, Philippines -- Aiming to be an irreplaceable global partner, AISIN joins the 13th Manila Auto Salon at the SMX Convention Center this November 14-17, 2019 to showcase their aftermarket products.      Founded in 1965, AISIN SEIKI Co., Ltd. is a Tokyo stock exchange public listed company which was recognized as the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the automotive industry, and ranked 6th as the largest automotive parts supplier in terms of sales of original equipment parts globally.      The AISIN GROUP of companies manufacture more than 10,000 types of automotive parts and supplying to leading car manufacturers around the world. AISIN products are highly sought-after by the customers as AISIN holds true to its corporate principles of “Quality First”. Leveraging on its technological expertise and comprehensive automotive manufacturing plants worldwide, AISIN is able to offer high quality automotive products to meet the needs in the aftermarket field.      AISIN has widened its aftermarket product range to serve the customers from replacement, repair, to customization. With Riken Motor Sales, Inc. as its sole distributor in Philippines, the extensive aftermarket products ranges into following categories:      The Drivetrain-related products which include the clutches, clutch hydraulic cylinders, steering & suspension parts, free wheel hub, and manual transmission, etc;      The Engine-related products composed of the water pump, oil pump, fan clutch, timing chain cover, fan blade, hydraulic belt tensioner, fan pulley bracket, oil filter, etc.      The Brake-related products, under “ADVICS” brand, consists of brake booster, brake master & wheel cylinder, brake disc and pad, brake shoe, brake caliper, caliper piston, and seal kit.      Aside from the automotive parts, AISIN also supplies lubricant product including engine oil; automatic transmission fluid for conventional AT, CVT, and twin-clutch transmission, long life coolant (LLC), gear oil, multi-purpose grease, brake fluid and hydraulics fluid.      AISIN’s regional head office AISIN ASIA Pte. Ltd.(Singapore) has put up an office in Manila to support their partners and customers in Philippines.

Radiowealth Finance Company holds Go Negosyo at Ayala Malls Centrio

November 16, 2019

RADIOWEALTH Finance Company held a three-day showcase of its various offerings at Ayala Malls Centrio in Cagayan de Oro from November 14 to 16, this year. During the event, RFC – a leading pillar in the country’s financing industry – showcased its offerings such as financing loan, business loan, OFW loan, professional loan, prenda OR/CR, lessors loan, educational loan and appliance loan, among others; and entertained walk-in inquiries from Ayala Malls Centrio shoppers. To make the three-day event livelier, RFC initiated a range of gimmicks such as a motorshow display, flyering, BOP sessions, fun games and surprises, singing taxi drivers competition, free motor oil samples for approved walk-ins, DTI business opportunity 101, videoke challenge, singing professionals competition and a dance competition. Partner merchants also exhibited their wares such as Madz ATV, SO Photocopier, Ulric Slar, Arez, Beaute Emporium, PC Ezra, Hino Cagayan de Oro, TCTS, Kimura Chaves Enterprises, Power Traq, San Lucas Labline and Castrol. RFC is a proud Filipino company that offers accessible and easy credit to people from all walks of life. They are a brand that is committed to delivering and empowering lives of every individual. The Cagayan de Oro office is located inside Limketkai Mall at its ground level.

Taxation Bowing Down to Social Justice | A Tribute to a Cooperative Champion: FELICIDAD L. RUIZ

October 31, 2019

Indeed, there are two things in life which all of us cannot escape from: death and taxes. Death is our marriage to eternity where a humble but firm cooperative leader is now – Felicidad L. Ruiz, a cooperative champion par excellence, who had leaped to the Great Beyond on October 30, 2019. Taxation is a fundamental power of the State that all must follow as tax is the lifeblood of the nation – yet, the cooperatives are tax exempt and such highest privilege had been well pronounced in a landmark Supreme Court Decision because of the firm stand of Madam Fely, the General Manager of DCCCO (Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative),      It that case of DCCCO vs. the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) which was then so persistent in taxing DCCCO and even winning in the lower courts, the Supreme Court had categorically pronounced that DCCCO should not be taxed, stating that, “while the power to tax is very strong fundamental power of the State but such power must bow down to the principle of social justice.”      DCCCO under the leadership of  Madam Fely has been compliant in all undertakings and requirements of the Cooperative Development Authority especially in the use of surplus (not profits). One hundred percent (100%) or the maximum utilization/remittance of Community Development Fund (CDF) and Cooperative Educational Training Fund (CETF) for sustainable programs/projects in consonance with actualizing the 6th and 7th Cooperative Principles and Value of “Cooperation Among Cooperatives” and “Concern for the Community” – had shown that there is no need for cooperatives to be taxed as these allocation of surplus to improve the quality of life of the poor communities, i.e,, feeding the malnourished children, providing medical services to the indigent patients, providing scholarships to poor students, etc. – are by themselves more than taxation.      Indeed, cooperatives are tax exempt but they are tax-makers. A great portion of the surplus goes back to the poor members in the form of patronage refund or interest on capital.  As the members are earning, they are not exempted from paying their individual income taxes. Too, because of the cooperatives, they are able to borrow funds to put up their individual livelihood projects, i.e., “karenderya” to those women who know how to cook or jeepneys or “motorelas” for men who know how to drive.        These are indirectly creating employment providing livelihood opportunities to the jobless which when consolidated will be about  two (2) million jobs, based on the data bank of CDA. Directly employed by the more than 18,000 cooperatives nationwide is about 500,000 officers, staff and personnel.  In a country where 6,000 Filipinos are leaving every day to work in other countries leaving their respective families behind, the employment contribution of the cooperatives is just amazing.      Indeed, the blooming of the flowers may be very beautiful but such pales in comparison to the blooming of the cooperatives.  This truism has been reinforced by a recent study conducted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).  No less than the head of the USAID’s Overseas Cooperative  Development Council (OCDC) Dr. Judith Hermanson, Ph.D. together with key staff, has met me recently to present a Report on the 3-month Study showing in their conclusions that “where there are cooperatives, the quality of life in the communities is better” and that the “Philippines is the Cooperative Leader in Asia and the Pacific.” Indeed, based on that Study, Transformative Cooperatives are the ones to rectify the dysfunctions of the present economic model which has benefited only one per cent (1%) of the world’s total population as the DNA of the cooperativism is PROSPERITY FOR ALL as it is members-owned, value-based and principles driven  and sustainable.       In a land where 73% of the economy is controlled by the Oligarchs and Cartels manifesting gross inequalities and the decline in social justice, indeed that historic Tax Exemption case championed by Madam Fely, that was a battle pursued as a test case for and in behalf of the entire cooperative movement and no doubt, the cooperatives won as per Supreme Court decision dated January 22, 2010 – when the more than 10 million cooperative members nationwide rejoiced! That historic decision had put to fruition the 10-year struggle and advocacy of Madam Fely and getting the much sought justice from no less than the highest court. Now that you had left us our beloved champion, we can only bow down our heads to express our utmost gratitude. We now must understand the truism that a cooperative without advocacy is like a night without stars.  Now that the cooperatives are again being taxed as big business are now apparently threatened as the cooperatives are harnessing their collective potential to rectify social wrongs as the Filipino people are now being awakened by our beloved President, let notice be served to one and all, that the cooperativism  in this country has proven to be the countervailing force against poverty, social inequity, social injustice, ecological turbulence due to climate change and against violent extremism. Totoo po talaga, “Kooperatibismo laban sa terorismo,” yan po ngayon ang panawagan sa isang bayan na meron ng mga Filipino Suicidal bombers.      For those who have dreamt, struggled, advocated and even died for it, social change has been so elusive all these years despite 14 years of martial law and two-people power revolutions.  The systems and structures breeding poverty are still as formidable as ever. But NOT ANYMORE under the present dispensation and people empowerment through cooperativism is now the path under the leadership of our beloved President.      Don’t you know that we have now some 53 cooperatives whose members were former combatants of the Moro National Liberation Fronts? Many were organized during the heights of the “Marawi Seige” and are now implementing livelihood projects. Don’t you know that some former commanders of the New People’s Army had already surrendered like Datu Subang in Surigao del Sur who is the chieftain of the 10,000-member Manobo Tribe? Together with TESDA and CDA, both offices have signed Memo of Agreement (MOA) to capacitate the surrenderees, to start a new life based on social justice through  cooperativism. Please refrain from taxing them “baka bumalik sila sa dati.” Even the people with disabilities are now organized into cooperatives and are serving in the “blind massage” parlors in big malls.  Tax mo kooperatiba nila? Wag! From liabilities of society before, they are now assets.      Indeed, when economic dictatorship of the oligarchs is grafted in the democratic government, the outcome is the toxic growth of poverty, ecological turbulence due to climate change and violent extremism.  Our ecological resources had been plundered no end as GAIA (mother Earth) has no more “lungs” (Where have all our 17 million of dipterocarp forest gone?); No more “veins” as 15 or the 25 major rivers in the country are dead while 10 of the 13 major bays are now biologically dead, to the detriment of our ecological people.        The only countervailing force is the harnessing of the collective power of the people through cooperativism whose spirit has been gallantly advanced by Madam Fely.      As the remains of our beloved cooperative champion will soon be buried, what comes to my mind is the 12th stanza of the 17th century poem written by Thomas Grey in a Country Churchyard, to quote: “Perhaps in this neglected spot is laid, some heart once pregnant with celestial fire, hands that the rod of empire might have sway’d, or walked to ecstasy the living lyre.”      To our beloved Madam Felicidad Ruiz, you had lived with us with that “celestial fire” as a cooperative leader par excellence for 43 years, creating a big breakthrough when DCCCO won over miraculously in the attempt to diminish the spirit of cooperativism which has now come of age as a transformative leading edge for a transformative future for people, planet, prosperity and peace, where ever you are, now with us, then with the stars and in the loving embrace of the Supreme Being, you must “walk to ecstasy the living lyre,” – with our firm salute, warm embrace and deepest love – DAGHANG SALAMAT for your amazing life in the Cooperative Movement!  Don’t worry, we will continue your fight and advocacy – all for the greater Glory of God.


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