Reigniting the country’s viability in rice production with Honda Power Products

November 28, 2019


Maintaining a steady supply of rice crops has become increasingly difficult for a country like the Philippines frequently hit by destructive storms, typhoons, and flooding. With natural disasters brought upon by the El Nino phenomenon continually slowing down the nation’s domestic production, a change in status quo is currently being felt by the country in its agricultural standing, a change that is slowly becoming more of a crisis.
As a matter of fact, the last two decades saw the Philippines slip from being an agricultural exporter to an agricultural importer, becoming the world’s biggest importer of rice this year following the country’s recent calamities. According to a report by the United States’ Department of Agriculture – Foreign Agricultural Services (USDA-FAS), the country is projected to reach three million metric tons (MT) of rice imports by the end of 2019, that would be the highest for both the country and for the rest of the world. 
Naturally, pride for one’s nation should compel able hands to get the country back on track into being known once again as one of the world’s top producers of rice. And through the help of Honda Power Products and its line of power tools that all aim to increase one’s productivity, this notion is still very much possible.
Designed to withstand any weather condition to satisfy the needs of able hands who till the soil for the benefit of the country, Honda Power Products and its line of Honda Brush Cutters were all engineered to boost people’s productivity, with variants that hone in on specific job requirements that Filipinos deal with everyday.
A tool that people can depend on for their daily needs is exactly what the Honda Brush Cutter UMK425T series aspire to be. With its Tap & Go feature to make it easier for people to accomplish their agricultural tasks, the UMK425T can also be utilized for household chores, allowing families to keep their backyard well managed, and their garden well maintained.
Leading those who till the soil towards greener pastures, Honda Power Products aims to provide them with everything that they would ever need with its UMK 435T line. With its UEDT variant being armed with nylon cutters, and its U2ST cousin featuring 2-teeth blades, the UMK435T got all bases covered to enable people to create the greener pastures that they can thrive in.
Of course, there will be instances when greener pastures require just a little bit extra effort. Fortunately for Filipinos, Honda Power Products thought of that too with its latest line of Honda Brush Cutters, the UMK 450T series.
Recognizing the needs of those who require just a little bit more, the UMK 450T builds on the success of its predecessors to provide people with the same level of reliability and dependability that Honda Power Products is known for. 
Imbued by the high standards of a Honda power tool, the UMK 450T has two variants; one of which is the U2ST that features a 2-teeth blade cutter, while its counterpart – the UEDT, utilizes 3-teeth blades. Both variants are powered by a GX50T, 50cc engine to guarantee that this Honda Brush Cutter can withstand anything, even through heavy usage.
As long as there is work to be done, people can be confident that Honda Power Products will always be there to help and guide them to accomplish the things that they need to do, with different variants and SKUs to empower able hands efficiently.
Now is the time for the country to take back its spot as a viable rice producer in the world, and through these Honda Brush Cutters, the future looks brighter.



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